Sleepy Tales

It's late at night... And you should both be asleep... "One more story, please please please?" A short branching story about telling your little sister a fairytale, until she falls asleep. 

Made by:

Chride Lassheikki —Narrative, art, code tweaks

Leo Krechmer Music, sound effects, gameplay video

This project was made using Unity, based on the Ink demo project The Intercept, made by Inkle Studios and released under the MIT license. See more:

How to play:

Start the game. When there are options on the screen, choose one to continue the story.

Development log


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Very cute, very cozy. I played this after an evening of connecting with people from GDC and planning out future online game cons I'm attending. @_@Helped me wind down a bit.

That's very cute :)


was drawn to this game because of the pretty cover art. stayed because I've been the older one telling my little sister stories by night light. I've asked her for ideas, too, as I often don't have any. right now, it's late. I'm emotional. and this game made me tear up from the innocence and love of it all. thank you for this. 

 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ thank you.

Awww what a cute little game, especially when the older sibling plays along with their younger one! The set up is adorable and despite it being short I couldn't help but smile at the innocence. Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful game!

Thank you! I'm happy that the game made you smile  ❤️

Very cute and cozy ♥ Fairytales have always been a comfort for me.

Dracula the French Snail Princess was my favorite part lol

Thank you!  ♡ 

Hehhe, I had a lot of fun with that part! :D